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I’ve gotten feedback over the past couple of weeks from so many of you who are SO ready to enroll in BCE, but just can’t make the investment in full right now.


And I have to tell you, I completely get it — and I have a solution!


I remember when I signed up for my first coaching program for new business owners. I was SO ready, and the only thing holding me back was the cost. But I also knew that it was exactly what I needed! I had that feeling in my gut of like, the nerves because I knew it was right but felt scary at the same time, you know?


And that program was one of the best decisions I ever made. I couldn’t believe that I had even questioned it! I felt like I was investing in myself, learning skills I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise, and finally taking control of an area of my life that had felt messy for so long.


I want you to be able to invest in yourself in this way, too.


BCE is for anyone who wants to finally feel at peace with food and their bodies for life, who wants to be able to

  • eat their favorite foods without feeling guilty and dealing with poor body image the next day

  • have ice cream and be able to stop at just one cup instead of it turning into a free-for-all

  • feel confident in their bodies so they can life their life to the fullest


There is nothing more valuable than the peace of mind that this will bring you. And this is exactly what you’ll accomplish in BCE.


I’m teaching you the exact skills that I’ve taught to hundreds of 1:1 clients over the years, what helped me heal my relationship with food, and the tools that I continue to use myself in order to keep that healthy relationship with food for life.


I know this is what you want for yourself, and I’m so confident that you can accomplish all of it!


So in order to make it easier for you to take the leap, to take those nerves away from doing what you otherwise feel so ready to do, I’ve decided to do something big…


You can now join us inside of BCE with an additional payment option. Instead of the full price of $1997 you can sign up for just $199 today, as part of a 10-month extended payment plan.


This is the lowest price that enrollment will ever be, and once it expires, it expires for good!

I'll see you inside!




P.S. Have questions or not sure if BCE is the right program for you? Schedule a call or reply to this email. I’d love to chat with you!

Nicole’s approach resonated so deeply with me. She helped me strike the right balance between awareness and letting go of control, and I feel so much more at home in my body now. I’m SO grateful I found her and took the leap.

- Kimberly

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