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Privacy Policy

Nicole Groman Nutrition, Inc., is a private practice offering nutrition education and counseling as provided through services listed on "Services" tab of Information collected from visitors to is used to maintain records of purchases made through this website where applicable. Customer information (including name, address, email, and other identifying information) provided through contact forms or via email to, will not be shared with third parties. Nicole Groman Nutrition, Inc., will not share customer information, but may use email and address information collected to send customers promotional correspondence via email or ground/air mail service. Users may opt out at any time. Credit card information provided by customers at checkout is secured and not visible to Nicole Groman Nutrition, Inc. Credit card information is used solely for program, apparel, and accessory purchases at time of checkout and/or per payment plan agreement. Credit card information will not be shared by Nicole Groman Nutrition, Inc., with third parties. Nicole Groman Nutrition, Inc., respects the privacy of its site visitors and customers. The entity will do everything within reasonable abilities to protect identifying information of site visitors/customers and keep it secure.

Unless otherwise specified, all photo content on is property of Nicole Groman Nutrition, Inc. Photo content may not be copied or used by entities other than Nicole Groman Nutrition, Inc.

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