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Living a life with food freedom is possible!

If you’ve been trying to heal your relationship with food for what feels like FOREVER you probably:

  • have been on tons of different diets over the years and want to stop dieting, but can’t stick with it on your own

  • follow food rules and are tired of feeling guilty every time you eat something “bad”

  • don’t let yourself keep chips, Oreos, or ice cream in the house because you’ll eat them all at once 

  • notice that your mood is so connected to your weight, how bloated you are, and what you ate - you just want to feel better!

  • reallllyyyyy just want to eat like a normal person and finally live the full live you've been dreaming of!

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I have worked with various people over the years of ups and downs with my relationship with food and body. Nicole’s approach resonated so deeply with me. I’m SO grateful I found her and took the leap. She helped me strike the right balance between awareness and letting go of control so that the process felt natural and restored my trust with myself!! I feel so much more at home in my body now. THANK YOU THANK YOU Nicole!!!


Here's how I can help


Body Connected Eating is a 16-week small group program designed to powerfully shift your behaviors and mindset surrounding food and body acceptance.


In one-to-one counseling, we work together to closely understand your specific challenges surrounding your relationship with food and to your body.

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Not sure? I'd love to chat!

Apply to work with me here and we can set up a call to talk about what option would work best for you.

Nicole truly helped me recover from disordered eating. She helped me understand how my childhood affected my eating habits and my relationship to food. She gave me the courage to start recovery and I've been much more at peace since working with her.


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