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Find your food freedom and show it to the world

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Throw your restrictions
out the window.

Let feared foods back into your life. Medical, religious, or ethical reasons are one thing, but restrictive eating for weight loss or to achieve the "perfect" diet can lead to unhealthy eating habits. These shirts were created to share this message. I hope to help change the way people view what it means to eat healthfully and inspire others to find true balance in their diets, because the freedom in finding balance can be a beautiful thing.


Join the Movement.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like an opinion about size or style! And be sure to tag @thehungryclementine so I can see you rocking your new shirt. I can't wait to see you sharing this message!

xo, Nicole

NGN Gives Back

I love finding meaningful causes I believe in and using proceeds to give back. Nicole Groman Nutrition is proud to have donated to the organizations below.

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