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Continued Connection is a membership and online community offering continued support to help you solidify and even further progress the work we did together. Everyone in this group has also specifically worked with me, just like you, towards many of the same goals.

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The journey towards food freedom and body acceptance is a lifelong one —

and like you and I have talked about, it's full of ups and downs. Not only is it normal to have moments that feel difficult along the way, but it's also expected. Though you may no longer need a weekly group or one-on-one session for support, you might want the comfort of having a place to go where I - and others - have your back when questions arise.

Continued Connection is an online community with people who have faced similar challenges as you. Its purpose is to help you stay connected to your body, as well as to me and others who understand what you're going through and want to empower you. Think of it as a group of new like-minded friends ready to listen to you, help you, and encourage you.

Continued Connection is for you if:

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You're looking for a built-in support network of like-minded individuals who can relate to your experiences with food freedom and body acceptance.

You no longer need weekly sessions but don't want to lose the progress you made and still want to be able to come to me with questions and receive personal feedback.

You want a place to share your struggles and fears without judgment, and to receive support from both me and a community to help you overcome challenges.

Continued Connection is $99 per month, and you'll have access to:

Our private Slack channel

with daily personalized support, feedback, and answers to your questions Monday through Friday

A monthly Q&A call via Zoom

for personalized guidance and to reconnect with other alumni for support (calls will be recorded for anyone who can't attend live)

A consistent online community

exclusive to people who have worked with me on eating intuitively and finding body acceptance

I'm so excited to continue to work with you!

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