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Listen to your body.
It's smarter than you think.

Are you ready to ditch dieting for good?

To feel confident and comfortable in your body?
To honor your hunger and fullness?

To find joy in movement, rather than punishment?

To eat the foods you love without guilt?

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My name is Nicole, and I specialize in helping you to achieve a truly healthy relationship with food and to find body acceptance, so that you can drop dieting for good and establish behaviors you can maintain for life.


If you're ready to break the cycle of dieting, stop obsessing over food, and become comfortable in your skin, then let's work together!

Nicole’s approach resonated so deeply with me. She helped me strike the right balance between awareness and letting go of control, and I feel so much more at home in my body now. I’m SO grateful I found her and took the leap.

- Kimberly

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Looking to connect about one-to-one counseling or my group program?

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