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Body Connected Eating is a 9-week small group program designed to powerfully shift your behaviors and mindset surrounding food and body acceptance. 

Are you ready to make peace with food and finally feel at home in your skin?

Are you tired of constantly fixating on what you "should" or "shouldn't" eat and wish you could just eat intuitively?

Are you over feeling guilty for craving and eating the foods you love and ready to trust your hunger?

Are you sick of trying to change your body because you feel your body is "wrong"?

Then I'm so glad you're here!
Welcome to Body Connected Eating.

In an intimate group setting, you'll learn how to:

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Eat what you want (without feeling out of control!)

Get ready to learn how to remove labels from the foods you love and how to practice gentle nutrition.


Understand your hunger and fullness

Discover the reasons we eat, how to navigate emotional eating, and how to end obsessive thoughts about food.


Finally live your life freely without food guilt

Cultivate respect for your body and self through honoring and understanding your cravings.

You'll have access to:

Weekly live calls​ with Q&A time

which are recorded in case you can't make a session

Educational handouts

and other resources to refer back to


to integrate what you're learning

A tight-knit online community

for between-session support

What to expect week-by-week:

Week 1: Remove Labels

Drop the all-or-nothing thinking and learn nutrition science to neutralize all foods.

Week 4: The Reasons We Eat

Finally remove shame from eating by understanding your body like you never have before.

Week 7: Moving Joyfully

Discover how to include movement in a way that supports a healthy relationship with food and your body.

Week 2: The Sneaky Way your Fear of Weight Gain is Holding You Back

Learn how your desire to let go of controlling your body is actually keeping you stuck (and allowing food to control you).

Week 5: Introduction to Gentle Nutrition

Learn how to prioritize your health and include nutritious foods without  -feeling like you're dieting.

Week 8: Acts of Body Respect and Acceptance

Learn tangible ways to make peace with your body and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Week 3: Tools to Connect with Hunger

Reconnect with hunger and fullness, distinguish emotional hunger from physical hunger, and navigate emotional eating.

Week 6: Looking Inward: External and Internal Factors Impacting Your Body Image

Navigate and overcome the most common barriers to fostering a strong body image.

Week 9: Reflections, Questions, and Next Steps

Reflect on (and celebrate!) wins and progress and ask any additional questions to feel secure in your healed relationship with food and your body.

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Let's Talk It Through

Want to chat and make sure this is the perfect program for you?

Pay In Full

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Save $200 with the code "earlybird", valid now until 11/30.

4-Month Payment Plan

If you prefer to space out the payments over 4 months, no problem! Use code "earlybird4" for your discount.
I didn't believe I could ever get over my food and body image issues.  I believed it would be a part of me until I was 'too old to care.' Nicole's process did the unthinkable.  Her support has helped me to overcome my issues, and find a place of happiness and contentment I didn't think possible.

- Karrie

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

Body Connected Eating is for you if you're looking to drop the all-or-nothing thinking about food, unlearn internalized beliefs you've been taught by the diet industry, trust your hunger, and find peace of mind around food and in your body. We'll work through challenges relating to body image, fear of weight gain, binging or overeating, restricting, and anxiety around food.

If you are in treatment for a diagnosed eating disorder, Body Connected Eating will unfortunately not be the right fit for you at this time, but I encourage you to consider the program once you finish treatment and are ready for outpatient level of care!


Body Connected Eating is also not for someone looking for weight loss tips or "quick fix" tactics.

I can't wait for you to be a part of this community!

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